Sara Sweeney

Meet our founder – Sara Sweeney

I spent over a decade launching some of the best known skincare and prescription dermatology brands and became increasingly frustrated with the quality of the products available . I knew I could give women like me a new, and much better option to take care of our skin. I pay very close attention to the quality of ingredients that I eat, so why wouldn’t I want to do the same for the ingredients that go on my skin? I wasn’t the only woman who felt like this, as when I told my friends that I was going to create a skincare line that wouldn’t irritate the skin, or contain potentially harmful ingredients or ingredients tested on animals AND that would actually deliver visible results – they unanimously told me that this was exactly what they wanted!

Many women think that choosing “organic” or “natural” products is enough, and then come to find out that many of the ingredients used actually contain hidden toxins, cause irritation, or don’t deliver any visible changes to the skin. I knew that I could create an effective, Dermatologist grade skincare line using only the purest, safest and most effective ingredients – and a skincare line that women would love using as the quality of the ingredients would make our products feel so different on the skin than anything else we have tried before. That’s why I started Truth Aesthetics, LLC and how Trufora was born.


Trufora is owned and distributed by Truth Aesthetics, LLC based in Austin, TX.