About Trufora

About Trufora



The name Trufora was chosen to represent exactly what makes our products so different – truth in the formulations, in the results that we promise, and in the aesthetic change you will see in your skin. There really are no other skincare products like Trufora, and our fingerprint icon represents that perfectly.

Trufora is a completely new approach to dermatologist skincare. Beautiful, healthy, and  youthful skin is achieved without irritation and without compromising your health, your social conscience, or your environmental conscience.

Every Trufora product was formulated to be the absolute best it can be. Our formulations are complementary to each other and designed to be used together. If you choose to use more than one Trufora product know that the products are working in synergy to amplify their benefits. Whether you use only one or two Trufora products, or a Trufora skincare system, you can have confidence in knowing that you are choosing products that deliver on their promise of beautiful, healthy skin without irritation or harmful ingredients.

Trufora products are different in how they feel on the skin and in how they function. Trufora formulations are so unique that many of our products are Patented or Patent Pending – so you can be assured in knowing that you cannot find products like Trufora anywhere else.