2016 Faces of ATX - The Face of Ethical Skin Care

The Face of Ethical Skin Care.

Truth Aesthetics.

As the Founder & CEO of Truth Aesthetics - the Austin-based startup behind the breakthrough skincare brand Trufora - Sara Sweeney brought together a group of industry heavyweights to ensure that Trufora lived up to its promise. "I love dermatology and built my career working with dermatologists. I knew that our team could develop an anti-aging skincare line like no other, and we've proven that with Trufora. The results achieved with consistent use are truly amazing. We've seen this in our clinical studies and heard the same from our customers. They are not only amazed at the results, but also by how quickly they feel and see a difference in their skin"

Trufora is a completely new take on dermatologist-grade skincare, formulated using only the purest, safest, non-irritating and effective ingredients. Trufora is also cutting edge with Patents issued and additional Patents pending. The line is certified vegan and cruelty free. "Bottom line is women are smart, and the smart choice in skincare is to achieve beautiful skin without compromising your health, your social conscience or your environmental conscience," Sara says. "With Trufora, women are finally able to do this."