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Did you know what is applied to the skin (sunscreen, for example) and its ingredients are just as important as what is ingested?

Skin absorbs much of what is topically applied. The recent focus on organic ingredients and trend in wellness has led many experts to support the use of vegan and/or gluten-free products.

According to Dr. Richie Lin, quick errands or even the walk from the store to your car can put the skin at risk from the sun's rays. He recommends utilizing a vegan sunscreen such as Trufora Titanium Day Cream SPF 30.

"Vegan products are safe for us, safe for the environment and are cruelty-free. Many work just as well as any other product, so the choice is often simple," says Lin, a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon.

Quality, purity and safety of ingredients is a critical component to the efficacy and tolerability of skincare products. In brands that use animal-derived ingredients, quality control and source purity can be very hard to establish and many potential health risks can arise. By using only vegan ingredients, Trufora sunscreen is able to guarantee the purity and safety of its ingredients and formulations, CEO Sara Sweeney tells us.

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