Five Game-Changing Companies Dominating Their Industry

In today’s fast-paced lifestyle and sky-high expectations, companies are more challenged than ever to come up with the best, most innovative solutions to our problems. We become more demanding every day (can we say donut delivery?), and more dependent on technology to do, well, anything. In other words, we want the donut and we don’t want to leave the couch to get it. These five companies are on the cutting edge, bringing you the coolest products and services of the century.


Trufora is a skincare company that is changing how we see skin products. Founder Sara Sweeney, who has a decade-long background in skincare, grew tired of the quality of products offered on the market, which then led her to launch her own line. The most unique facet of the Trufora lies in that the beauty line contains non-toxic pharmaceutical-grade products that are gentle enough for any skin type. Truth and honesty in the formulation is of the highest importance for the increasingly popular brand, the most important promise being that there is nothing else like their products.

Headquartered in Austin, the Trufora beauty line is sustainably harvested, dermatologist tested, and free of harsh chemicals, sulfates, detergents, allergens, GMO’s, paragons, among other harmful substances. Trufora is also Vegan and cruelty-cree certified, proving they are conscientious in every sense of the word. Trufora aims to treat common problems of the skin such as loss of clarity and tone, fine wrinkles, texture and enlarged pores, and the anti-aging collection includes everything necessary to treat, prevent and protect your skin in a synergistic way, meant to work together to create the ideal results for your skin.

Trufora will quickly gain more space in the market as people learn more about the toxins and harsh chemicals that go in popular skin products, not to mention the animal testing that large companies still do, and begin setting higher standards for themselves. If you wouldn’t eat harmful chemicals, why put it on your skin, our biggest organ? This line is changing the game in the skincare world and skin fanatics couldn’t be happier.

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