Does Trufora Really Work?

Clinical results are great - but do the Trufora skincare products REALLY work to improve the look and health of your skin in real life and will they work for you? The answer is yes!

Many skincare brands, Trufora included, will show you how customers feel about their products or show clinical results from just one product when that product is used exactly as the directions show. Both of these are super important in helping you know if you are going to like using Trufora, and what results you can expect when you use Trufora as directed - but what happens when you use a full Trufora skincare regimen in real life? Let’s face it, no-one’s perfect and some days you might use all of the products exactly as the directions show, and some days you just might not. 

This is where Trufora is different. Developed with an expert Dermatologist and taken through rigorous clinical testing - where various skin measurements are taken before, during and after using Trufora - we’ve taken the guesswork out of knowing what to expect from Trufora in real life. 

Clinical Study

32 women aged 25-72 were given 7 Trufora products to use as a skincare regimen, at home, for 12 weeks. Skin measurements were taken by a Dermatologist before they started the Trufora regimen, then at 4, 8 and 12 weeks of use to see what improvements were made by using Trufora. Real-life usage and clinical measurements gave the following results:

  • 88% of women (28 out of 32)  showed overall improvement in their skin
  • Hyperpigmentation and dark marks were reduced by 78%
  • Skin roughness and sallowness each improved by67%
  • Skin laxity improved by 63% 

Trufora products are proven to be safe, effective, non-irritating, non-comedogenic and non-sensitizing in women of all skin types and all ethnicities. Our clean, fragrance free, Vegan/Cruelty-free products are proven to correct all major skin issues that detract from your skin’s beauty - tone, texture, clarity, radiance, lines/wrinkles, smoothness and firmness. Our rigorous testing and consistent results means you can trust that Trufora will work for you. 

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