Does Clean, Green, Natural, Non-Toxic Skincare Really Work?

June 2017

There is a lot of buzz around "natural", "clean", "green", "non-toxic" skincare -- but what do these things really mean and do these products actually do anything for your skin?

The truth is, there is no single clear cut answer -- and as a consumer you need to do your homework and know exactly what you are looking for and what is most important to you. In the US, the majority of women age 30-65+ fall into the category of consumers who care somewhat about the ingredients in the skincare products that they use - but they care more about the results they want to achieve and the price of the products.

Until recently, there was a strong perception of "natural" products not creating any visible changes or benefits to the skin,  and "effective" products being harsh, irritating and with harmful ingredients. Women want results, and want beautiful skin -- but are becoming more aware of the ingredients being used and knowing which are safe and which aren't.

"Natural" is often the most problematic description for a skincare product as in the US the lines are very blurred as to what natural means. Often when consumers think of natural, they are assuming the product will contain botanical ingredients, organic ingredients and that the product will automatically be safe, non-irritating and non-toxic. Unfortunately this is untrue as their are many "natural" ingredients that can be very irritating to the skin and contain hidden sources of toxic ingredients that do not need to be listed on the ingredient label (e.g. essential oils have the potential to be highly irritating and allergenic as well as a hidden source of phthalates which are a known toxin.)

"Green" beauty is a recent trend that is a development from natural products. Green beauty, green skincare is more of a holistic approach and takes into consideration overall environmental impact of the products -- not just whether the ingredients are considered "natural". Green skincare brands often support sustainable farming methods for their ingredients, minimize toxins in their products and avoid animal based ingredients and animal testing. Green skin care will typically use packaging with a lower environmental impact, focusing on recyclable materials and minimizing waste.

"Clean" and "non-toxic" skin care is all about using as few ingredients as possible and avoiding toxins and irritants - with a focus on the concept of sensitive skin being caused by sensitization to certain ingredients, and therefore being able to normalize and rebalance the skin by avoiding sensitizing ingredients.

Look for skincare products that are very forthcoming with the ingredients that they use. Full ingredient lists should be shown on the brand's website for every product they sell. Look for explanations of their key ingredients, and make sure there aren't any ingredients used that you are either allergic to or want to avoid.

But how do you know if these products actually improve the skin? Will they actually improve the visible signs of aging and deliver more radiant, younger looking, smoother and glowing skin? The answer is, some will and some won't -- it all depends on whether the ingredients in the skin care product were used at the correct, recommended levels (no sprinkling of "fairy dust" just to make a marketing claim) and whether a range of active ingredients are used to effectively address all of the skin issues that you are trying to improve.

Look for skin care products and brands that have done extensive testing, on people - not animals, to PROVE that their products really do what they say. If a product states "non-irritating" then it should have gone through a 50 person (minimum) HRIPT test (which stands for Human Repeat Insult Patch Test -- basically where the product is applied to the skin repeatedly under a patch and a clinical investigator measures the irritation that develops). For a product to be labeled "non-comedogenic" it means it has been tested (again minimum 50 people) and proven to not block the pores. For products that state "safe for use on the eyes" it means they have been opthalmalogically tested to be safe and non-irritating. If the skin care products you are interested in don't have this information readily available on their website then chances are the correct testing was not performed - it's best to check with the company's customer service to find out if the products really are what they say.

If a skincare brand claims it is not tested on animals, or doesn't contain animal derived ingredients then look for the third party certification that proves the products are Vegan and or Cruelty Free -- brands that are legitimately certified will clearly display the certification logos on their products as well as on their websites. It is a simple and inexpensive process to become certified, so you have to question brands that claim they are vegan or cruelty free without any certifications.

Lastly, when a skincare brand says it's effective or clinically proven to reduce the signs of again and effective for anti-aging -- look for their clinical study results on their website. There should be a brief summary of the study performed (30 participants are needed at minimum in a study for it to show valid results) and should state what products were used, how long they were used for, exactly what was measured and what improvements were shown. The before and after pictures should also use the same lighting, angle, facial expression etc so as not to artificially improve the results. If the skin care brand doesn't have any clinical studies to show how the product works -- how can they claim it really does work? Reviews can be helpful but tend to be biased (pro or con) whereas a clinical study will have been performed independently and conducted in a controlled way without any personal bias.

We hope this has been helpful - if you have any questions email us at and we will be happy to answer!





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