Travel Beauty Tips: Jet Setter Skincare Essentials

Before you travel, are you frantically trying to pack all your clothes, skincare essentials, makeup, and way too many pairs of shoes? Deciding what to bring and fitting it all within tiny luggage space can be stressful.

Now you can choose a few jet set essentials from Trufora's complete skincare line to keep your skin rejuvenated and ready for adventure!

Here are 4 travel beauty tips to keep you relaxed and your skin refreshed:

#1 Prep your skin with exfoliation

Keeping your skin hydrated begins at home first! Before you travel, get rid of the layer of dead skin cells on your face, which will help your skin better absorb moisturizers to keep your skin hydrated for a long trip. Use Trufora Triple Action Exfoliator, a gentle and effective exfoliator that works also as a deep cleansing mask.

#2 Stay hydrated

Keep yourself hydrated inside and out: Be sure to drink lots of water or electrolyte infused beverages to combat hydration and keep your skin glowing. Use Trufora Day Serum 85, which contains powerful antioxidants and bio-peptides that will keep your skin moisturized.

#3 Taking a nap? Wake up refreshed

If you're globetrotting and have time to sleep, after removing your makeup, with a clean face apply Night Serum 85 which will provide intense hydration to the skin through multiple forms of hyaluronic acid, an apple derived moisturizing saccharide, as well as a soy-based moisturizing complex. *Bonus: Layer on Trufora Intensive Night Treatment (Featured on SHAPE's Top 10 P.M. Skincare Products That Work While You Sleep) for a deeply rehydrating skin recovery cream that will calm and soothe the skin while you sleep.

#4 Protect from UV radiation

Wherever you go, UV protection is a must! Trufora Titanium Day Cream SPF30 is a lightweight, hydrating day cream/sunscreen that is a jet setter essential.

Don't just take our word for it, Sadie Murray of KCRA 3 News Sacramento comments:

"Trufora is one of my all time favorite daily creams. It is vegan and its got the same anti-aging effects as dermatological brands, but it's not as harsh! And it has SPF 30."