Trufora Reviews - From Real Customers and Bloggers

We're always excited to hear feedback from our customers, bloggers, and media outlets alike, so it's especially exciting in this past month when we got nominated for Best Skin Exfoliator and BestNight Cream in the AOL Fall Beauty Awards!

We were up against some tough competition in both categories, so we're happy to see that we were the fan favorite for best skin exfoliator and best night cream voted by real users!

Trufora Best Exfoliator

Trufora Best Night Cream

Here are some more wonderful Trufora reviews shared by bloggers:

"After using Trufora products for most of the last month, I can tell you straight forward that Trufora products are gentle and they work really well. My skin looks great and I’m glad to tell you about the seven products I used." - Painted Ladies (Read the full Trufora review)

"Right out of the box, you know you are getting the highest quality products. The elegant pink and white design hints at the products inside. Most have a light, fresh fragrance and clean white tint, while the SPF 30 Titanium Day Cream and Perfecting Eye Treatment are a perfect pale pink. The Ultimate Facial Cleanser and Triple Action Exfoliator deeply clean without stripping and drying your skin. Intensely hydrating yet non-greasy, both the Day and Night Serum 85 provide anti-inflammatory benefits with just two small pumps." - Vegan Cuts (Read the full Trufora review)

Trufora review and photo submission by happy customers with lovely glowing skin!

Trufora Real User Reviews

"This is me and my daughter Sage. I have been using Trufora for almost 1 month now and I see a very noticeable difference in my skin!.. When I say this product is amazing I mean it!.. I have tried most skin care systems on the market and Trufora has made my skin younger and more vibrant then ever. My daughter, who is signed with Ford models, recently tried the facial wash, along with the night serum 85 and day serum 85, and the amazing light weight sunscreen and she was amazed at natural glow the skin products gave her skin. The pictures below are us in natural light with only the tinted, titanium day sunscreen on our faces." - Micah H.

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