Winter Anti-Aging Skin Care Tips

November 2015
Sweater weather is here, and that means hot chocolate, holiday celebration, and...freezing air! Exposing your skin to the chilly temperature may cause dryness and extra sensitivity, making it look older. Protect yourself with these anti-aging skin care tips for the winter.

#1 Stay hydrated

Instead of a mug of hot cocoa, go for water. Keeping yourself hydrated will replenish your skin, especially in dry air conditions. An extra boost with Trufora Day Serum 85 will combat environmental pollutants and keep your skin looking younger.
  • Bonus tip: Choose a hydrating, creamy face wash, such as the Ultimate Facial Cleanser that is a rich, creamy gel formula that contains ingredients like 100% Organic Aloe Vera with vitamins, minerals, and Oat Avenanthramide Extract that is a powerful natural antioxidant and has anti-irritant properties – making this face wash perfect for all skin types.

#2 Wear sunscreen

Don’t let that overcast weather fool you! UV rays can penetrate through clouds and windows, and snow can reflect it back up, meaning your skin is getting twice as much damage in the winter. During winter months, it’s important to pick a sunscreen that is safe and effective, such as Trufora’s Titanium Day Cream with SPF 30 that contains all-natural antioxidants and ultra-fine Titanium Dioxide that offers UVA and UVB protection. Apply Titanium Day Cream SPF30 to your face, neck and decollete if exposed – the mineral screen creates a UV barrier on the skin surface that works immediately, so you don’t need to wait before going outside.

#3 Keep cool

The winter cold may make you want to turn up the thermostat, but blasting hot air indoors will only make the air drier. And the drier the air is, the drier your skin will be. Maintain the temperature between 68⁰F to 72⁰F to keep your skin from cracking.